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"It is really nice to have this service on campus. I appreciate being able to use it for our various outreach programs around Wyoming. ital so is the only rental arrangement we can use when we have drivers under 25. We have  students help drive guests wand ho are involved in projects around the state. This is an essential service."  - Staff

"Always great - keep up the good work!"  - Customer

"I always get great service w/ Car Rental Services!" - Staff

"The process of requesting, picking up, and dropping off vehicles is extremely easy and straight forward. The staff at Fleet services is always friendly and professional (even first thing in the morning), and the vehicles are clean and reliable. I have one small complaint... the Armor All on the vehicle's floorboard. I understand  and  appreciate the need to maintain  clean and well protected interior, but the Armor All on the floorboard is very slick. myself and my passengers have slipped several times; both getting into/out of of the and walking around later (the Armor All stays on the soles of our shoes)."     - Customer

"Overall system is  Excellent. No need to change any part it."    - Staff

"The front office at the motor pool was very  prompt and helpful. the car (sedan) was clean and ran well."  - Customer

"Always have excellent service when using Fleet Services!"  - Customer

"It was  a little difficult to change some of the reservation fields online once I submitted my initial request. I received excellent help when I called in and asked the motor pool to make the changes. Thank you. "   - Customer

"Your Staff are a pleasure to work with. Only thing I can think of is that your forms and web page could be better organized. Keep up the good work!"  - Staff

"Fleet is streamlined, efficient and easy to use."  - Customer

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